Teaching and Learning - Explicit Instruction


"Explicit instruction is not about turning education on its head. It's about getting back to basics and letting teachers teach and students learn." (John Fleming)

At Dawson Park, we develop the core literacy and numeracy skills through the use of explicit, direct instructional learning. Simply put, the teacher takes an active role and structures learning. Learning is teacher directed but always student centred. Students are taught specific skills through a step-by-step process and then given the opportunity to practice these skills moving information from short term memory to long term memory.

In terms of effective curriculum the evidence based research is crystal clear. The Rose Reports (UK), the National Reading Panel (US) and our own National Inquiry into Literacy (2005) all are in agreement. Explicit instruction that focuses on step-by-step instruction in literacy, numeracy and all key learning areas is the most effective teaching approach. Instruction in letter-sound relationships (phonics) is crucial.

Below are some articles that expand on explicit teaching and the success of the model. If you find some time, why not have a read!