Teaching and Learning - Specialist Subjects


Dawson Park offers a number of specialist subjects being Science, Music, Physical Education, Drama/Art and Technology. In addition to the subject, we offer excellent facilities. We have a dedicated Science Room, Music Room and Art Room as well as a large, semi enclosed undercover area, two basketball courts and an oval.

In Music, students have the opportunity to be in the school choir or the musical production, and can participate in Dawson Park's got talent to showcase their skills. Students also have the option of receiving guitar or trumpet lessons.

For Physical Education, our students have the opportunity to participate in a large range of sporting events. These include interschool soccer, football and netball as well as cross country and athletics events. 


For the budding scientists and artists we offer an extensive science and visual arts program giving students the opportunities to develop their analytical/scientific skills as well as unlock their creative potential.

In Drama, our students are encouraged to think and act creatively, devleoping their critical thinking and problem-solving skills that can also be applied in other learning areas. Students are also provided with the opportunity to take part in our annual musical production! 

In Technology, students are assisted to develop '21st Century' skills like coding.