Teaching and Learning - Professional Learning


Dawson Park staff participate in a range of Professional Learning (PL) opportunities. Although we see PL as an integral part of development and growth, research suggests that a successful method to deep learning is to be coached. As a school we are buliding a 'coaching culture' where people are supported in their development as professionals in education.

So what is coaching? According to Bresser and Wilson, the essence of coaching is 'empowering people by facilitating self-directed learning, personal growth and improved performance'. It is a managed conversation that takes place between two people, aims to support sustainable change to behaviour and ways of thinking and always focuses on learning and development.

At Dawson Park we have partnered with a number of key educational consultants to work with and coach our staff to develop and refine their skills. Dr Lorraine Hammand from Edith Cowan University works with our Early Childhood team, and John Fleming from the Haileybury Institute provides coaching and professional learning across the entire school. 

 Teachers are also involved in collegial visits across schools where Dawson Park teachers observe teachers in other schools and where other schools send their teachers to observe us. A number of key staff across the school are trained GROWTH coaches and work with staff in developing and refining their skills. This is not linked in any way to performance management, rather, a way to unlock peoples potential to maximise their own performance.