Teaching and Learning - Science


The Dawson Park Primary School Science Curriculum is based on the Primary Connections Program which is fully aligned with the Australian Curriculum. The Primary Connections Program is produced by the Australian Government and the Australian Academy of Science and includes a sophisticated professional learning component for teachers and exemplary curriculum resources

Science lessons are held for one hour each week for Years Pre-Primary through to Year 6. The Physical Sciences, the Chemical Sciences, the Earth and Space Sciences and the Biological Sciences are taught term by term. In addition to this, Science Inquiry Skills and Science as a Human Endeavour form part of the curriculum each term throughout the year.

When working scientifically, emphasis is placed on the importance of performing a ‘fair test’ and the clear, comprehensive and accurate recording of observations students make.

National Science Week is an annual highlight and providing all goes well a Scitech incursion is organised to celebrate this event. Often class teachers organise whole-class excursions to Scitech itself.

Resources in the science room are replaced and upgraded annually. Currently we have two digital microscopes and a high-quality, whole-class set of magnifying glasses available for use. Glass prisms allow students to refract sunlight and see the seven colours of white light and there is a comprehensive range of components for electrical circuit construction. There is a comprehensive range of magnets and a set of invertebrates set in resin for student use.

Our goal is for students at Dawson Park to be aware that science is happening all around them and to appreciate and enjoy it because it is intriguing, amazing and exciting.