Our School - Student Well-Being


At Dawson Park we believe that managing student behaviour is based around restorative practices rather than punitive. We also believe that it is our job to 'shape' student behaviour and to help students to realise that their behaviour is a choice and that all choices have consequences. In the end, each choice we individually make has a consequence and we need to take responsibility for our choices and, ultimately, the consequence that comes from that choice. 

Our policy is built around Michael Linsen's book, The Classroom Management Secret. All Dawson Park staff have a coppy of this book and it is referred to, discussed and considered at every staff meeting as a way to constantly remind and upskill all staff to effectively 'shape' student behaviour.  

At Dawson Park we believe that having positive and respectful relationships with all our students is the key to a harmonious classroom and the key to success for every child. As Linsen describes in his book, 'the secret is creating a classroom your students love being part of combined with an unwavering commitment to accountability'. 

We have only a few rules. We do, however, have one 'rule to rule them all'. It's simple and it is known by each and every child at the school. It is constantly talked about during classes, at assemblies, during individual counselling sessions and expected to be followed. It ensures each child is safe and each classroom is a place of harmony and a place of learning. Dawson Park's number 1 rule is simply - I always follow teacher's instructions immediately. 


Please feel free to download our Student Wellbeing and Behaviour policy found in the link below.