Our School - Student Dress Policy

'Part of a high-quality education is learning how to present yourself to the world, and that's what a school uniform is all about' (Former Australian Primar Minister, Julia Gillard). 

Wearing a school uniform is a symbol of unity and wearing one will bring about teamwork and a sense of comradery amongst students. It helps to remove social barriers and to bridge gaps - eliminating prejudice amongst students. As a result, children become more focused on learning rather than who is wearing what and who has the 'latest' fashion. Uniforms also help to promote discipline and provides a sense of community across the school. This helps to develop positive values and promotes the spirit of teamwork.

On a practical level, uniforms help us us to easily identify students as Dawson Park students. This means we are providing an even safer learning environment as those without a uniform (who potentially shouldn't be on the school grounds) will stand out quickly and easily. 

Believe it or not, it also saves on costs! It is far more economical to have a uniform that can last for several years rather than buy a new wardrobe more regularly. 

Our uniform policy clearly outlines the dress code requirements of students attending Dawson Park. Enrolling at Dawson Park assumes compliance to the policy and we thank parents for their support in ensuring their children are wearing the full and correct school uniform each and every day.