Our Community - Kidd's Kitchen - Our Canteen

Children's energy needs for a busy day at school require them to eat a variety of foods. Factors that determine the amount children eat include age, gender and physical activity level. Children will have the best chance of getting all their nutritional needs if they are offered a variety of tasty and healthy foods every day which reflect the Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents.

Kidd's Kitchen is Dawson Park Primary School's canteen and is open for business every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Students have a range of food options available to them and we offer a variety of menus depending on the day and the seasons! The Term 3 Menu can be downloaded from the bottom of the page.


An exciting addition to the Canteen is the online ordering system. Now you can order your child's lunch and recess from the comfort of your own home... you can even order weeks or months ahead and simply pay with your credit card. This system is convenient and easy to use. Simply follow the following link and sign up.