Our Mission

As a Learning Community we have a strong vision underpinned by a set of values.
To maintain a welcoming, supportive and inspiring learning community that addresses the needs of all our students.


We will: 

  • Build strong relationships 
  • Set high expectations 
  • Be proud 
  • Foster empathy and understanding 
  • Encourage effort to achieve success 
  • Be positive and constructive 
  • Show respect for self, others and property


Our Strategic focus areas are focussed around four key concepts drawn from Geoff Masters paper “Teaching and Learning – School Improvement Framework”.

These four key areas will continue to be our strategic focus which takes a high level view of what we must do to ensure that we sustain and improve on our vibrant, engaging and successful learning community. The four strategic focus area are described in our Business Plan, each area responds to the identified needs and aspirations of our key stakeholders – students, staff and parents. Each area represents a key sector of development that outlines the way forward to delivering success and all are accompanied by performance indicators.