School Board

As an Independent Public School, Dawson Park Primary first established its Board in 2017. Each Board member is an elected representative selected by the school community.

The Dawson Park Primary Board is comprised of parent and staff representatives. It is the members of the School Board’s responsibility to think critically and represent all sectors of the school community and not only one viewpoint or the view of an individual. Board members will take into account the following primary considerations when representing the community: 

  • The vision, purpose and values of the school, 
  • What is in the best interests of the students, and
  • What will enhance the education provided by the school both current and future.

The functions of the Dawson Park Primary School Board are prescribed by the School Education Act 1999 and the School Education Regulations 2000 and include both approval and advisory roles.  The Board may make decisions on include fees and charges, book lists, sponsorship and dress codes.

The Principal can seek the advice from the Board regarding community context to inform themselves before making management decisions. Obtaining community views are particularly important in relation to considering changes to operational policy, as well as for strategic planning, as part of the School’s three yearly Business Planning cycle. 

The Board also provides an oversight and monitoring role, with regular review of school finances, performance data, strategic risk management and the implementation of the Business Plan. The control or management of the school falls outside the scope of the School Board.

Board Members

Board Chair – Dr Lorraine Hammond – Edith Cowan University 


Principal – Mrs Pauline Johnson

Deputy Principal – Miss Lisa Clements

Deputy Principal – Mr Stephen Cummings

Manager Corporate Services (Secretary, no voting rights) – Mrs Bev Bennion

Teacher – Ms Emily Paget

Teacher – Miss Zoe Taylor

Community Members

Mr Aaron Davidson

Mrs Kristy Davies

Mrs Michelle Xavier

Mrs Tracey Blencowe 

Mrs Fittry Nurjanah