Voluntary Contributions

The School Board considers and endorses the schedule of Extra Cost Options and Voluntary Contributions for each year. 

Extra Cost Options

Additional cost items such as camps/incursions/excursions are the maximum costs parents are expected to contribute. Where students wish to participate, payment will be requested during the school year when costs and participation by students is confirmed. In many cases the amounts will be less. 

If families ever find amounts difficult to pay for whatever reason, please contact the Principal or Manager of Cooperate Services for a confidential meeting. 

Voluntary Contributions Schedule

The school requests a voluntary contribution of $60 per child. This contribution allows the school to fund targeted classroom resources and programs that are aimed to enhance to the educational outcomes of your child/ren.

You can download a copy of our 2024 Charges and Voluntary Contributions here.

Letter to parents – Contribution and Charges Parent Information