Physical Education

Dawson Park Primary School provides a well-rounded Physical Education Program to its students from Pre-Primary to Year 6. Each class is allocated one hour per week where the students enhance their fundamental movement skills and learn key aspects of sports such as strategy, rules, and good sportsmanship. The sports we teach are generally seasonal to fit in with current seasons at amateur and professional level. Dawson Park Primary School also runs whole school sport for the junior and senior blocks to participate as a group and practice for carnivals and events. 

Dawson Park Primary School participates in many Inter-School competitions over the year across a range of sports as well as athletics in Term 3. We compete against surrounding schools in sports such as basketball, futsal, volleyball, tee-ball, cricket, aussie-rules, football and netball. Generally, these consist of students from Years 5 and 6. All students are also encouraged to participate in 2 weeks of swimming lessons when they scheduled.

We provide a Run-Club on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7:45am to encourage the kids to work on their fitness and start their day off well. This runs through until 8:20am when our gates open.