At Dawson Park Primary Technology is taught as a specialist subject with two learning areas – Digital Technology and Design and Technology. Lessons provide a focus on ensuring students participate and communicate effectively and responsibly in a digital society.

They positively and confidently engage with digital technology. Students continually practice online safety and awareness skills in order to respect and protect themselves and others whilst collaborating online.  

The Digital Technologies curriculum exposes students to the digital systems around us and how they support new ways of collaboration and communication. Students are exposed to basic coding using computational thinking including algorithms, pattern recognition and decomposition.

At Dawson Park Primary the latest robotics equipment, including Beebot, LittleBits, Sphero, Makey Makey, EV3LEGO Mindstorm Dash & Dots, Edisons are used to engage students with interactive learning. Furthermore, as part of the Darling Range Learning Community we have access to the Technology library housed at Darling Range Sports College which provides opportunities to use Virtual Reality Headsets for interactive learning, Ozobots for coding and temperature gauges for recording data. 

Design and Technology provide students with the opportunity to explore and apply design processes. It is during Design and Technology that students collaborate with each other to design a solution to a given problem. The type of problems being considered could be related to engineering, or the types of materials used for products or it could be related to the production of food and fibre. 

Dawson Park Primary has proudly been participating in the First Lego League regional competition since 2019. This amazing experience involves team work to design an innovative solution for a given theme. The team is also responsible for building an education robot using EV3 LEGO Mindstorm robot which they then use to compete against other teams in Robot Mission Games, a fun and exciting way to teach students all about coding with a purpose. Participation in future First Lego League competitions will continue to be offered as an extension program in 2023.

Find out more by visiting the First Australia website.